The main entrance gates

Reconstructed in  1982, architect – V. Dmitriev . The exact date of the construction is unknown. They were constructed in  1830-s, presumably by Karl Lydvig Engel. The wooden gates were constructed in neo gothic style with pylons ended by arrowlike towers with some carved and metal decorations.
There was a coat of arms of the Nickolay family above the portal. No reliable description of the entrance gate has been saved. When visiting the park in 1829 Orest Somov felt frustrated by unmannered entrance to the park. “I was dreaming of finding my way to the park through the  rocky canyon in a high mountain, something like Big Caprice in  Tsarskoe Selo (artificial mound with archways), with heavy iron gates that groan when  being opened“ – that is how he described his visit.  The decision on construction of the new entrance gates was taken by the owner of the mansion Paul Nickolay just at that time. 
Another construction in neo gothic style appeared in the Monrepos during the same 
period – Ludwigsburg chapel. After the Second World War the coat of arm was removed from the main portal, but decorations remained. The original gates still existed in 1954 and according to the pictures of that period  they remained in proper condition.
Perhaps,  in the end of 1950s the gates were demolished and changed by the simple metal ones. After the reconstruction in 1980 the main entrance gates has got an approximately same authentic look but for  small changes in decoration.